Gender and Labour at the Margins of Modernity

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Gender and Labour at the Margins of Modernity


The project analyses the development of the modern category of female industrial labour in political economical and cultural terms in Turkey.


Factory women in Turkey

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Girl Spinner
Young girl by the bobbin machines

The Tobacco Workshop
Women by the tobacco boxes

The Bobbin Department
Women in the bobbing department

At the Spinnery
Workers by the spinning machines

Nazlı's Commute
Excerpt from Suat Derviş's novel

Suat Derviş
Book cover of Suat Derviş's novel

Zehra Kosova
Zehra Kosova's trade union ID

Textile Workers
Women and men in the spinnery

Cibali Women
Women and girls at the Cibali Factory

Cibali Tobacco Factory
Girls at work stations at the Cibali Factory
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